Mel’s Heater is happy provide sales and serves to waste oil heaters in Bucks PA, Chester PA, Berks PA, Montgomery PA and the surrounding area. There are a sufficient amount of advantages that these heaters and boilers have over any other type of heating system.

Advantages include:

  • Energy efficient
  • Cost efficient
  • Little maintenance
  • Burns clean which reduces cost
  • Environmentally friendly


Waste oil heaters and boilers keep your energy bill low while heating your home or business. Here at Mel’s we provide the most cost efficient heating systems, waste oil is less expensive and last longer because of their clean burn.

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We have 3 types of heaters and boilers to choose from that will best fit your home or business. Our EnergyLogic certified technicians are more than happy to help you find the product that you need as well as come out for installation and services.

Waste Oil Heaters in Bucks PA:

  • EL-140 H
  • EL-200 H
  • EL-340 H


Waste Oil Boilers in Bucks PA:

  • EL-200 B
  • EL-375 B
  • EL-500 B


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We as well sell and install Radiant Floors and MacroAir Fans, the offer a cost effective way for heating or cooling your home or business.

Advantages of Radiant Floor Heating System:

  • energy cost is reduced
  • little maintence is needed
  • Environmentally friendly
  • No more cold drafts throughout your home or business
  • The outlets to your floor can be placed anywhere you desire
  • no noise or vibrations
  • Reduces allergens
  • Decrease in fuel cost
  • Takes minutes to heat up
  • Heat evenly distributed through the room
  • Can be installed to any floor plan or type


Advantages of MacroAir Fan Cooling System:

  • Lowers the cost of energy by 20%
  • Creates a cooler work area for your employees
  • Gentle breeze
  • Controls the humidity and moisture levels
  • Reduces odor and smoke in the work area
  • Quiet
  • Easily adjust the airflow with  a controller


Our Radiant Floors will keep your home or business at a comfortable temperature for a lower cost. The MacroAir Fans are used in industrial or commercial buildings to keep the heat level cooler for your workers in energy and cost efficient ways.

 Mel’s Heater is happy to provide technicians who are EnergyLogic certified to install and service your waste oil heaters in Bucks PA, Berks PA, Chester PA, Montgomery PA and the surrounding area.

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